Product Model: MHL-JLS


Item No.: BS-MHL-JLS



1.     Excellent Color Rendering:Metal halide offers excellent color rendering, with a 65-90 CRI (color rendering index).

2.     Compact Size:Metal halide generates high light levels from a compact light source. This allows for smaller, more controllable luminaires.

3.     Versatility:Metal halide lamps are relatively unaffected by ambient temperature, equally suited for indoor or outdoor use. Extensive style and wattage options allow for many applications.

4.     High Efficiency:Metal halide lamps generate 65-115 lumens per watt, more than incandescent, fluorescent or mercury vapor lamps. (see chart at right)

5.     Positive Environmental Impact:Since metal halide lamps deliver light more efficiently than incandescent, widespread acceptance of the technology has a positive effect on air quality and the environmental waste stream. Lower electrical power generating requirements means less air pollution. Efficient long-life systems mean less landfill waste.