Do I really save money by using those EL or SL type light bulbs?

Update: 2018-01-19 15:01:31

Well I suppose it depends. EL or SL bulbs, better known as compact florescent light (CFL), are designed to use 60-75% less energy, and to last 10 times longer, than standard bulbs. But there are two small problems. One problem is that there are many manufactures producing cheap, inferior CFL bulbs that are not “up to par” with what the quality brands have to offer. They have many shortcomings including shorter life span, less light (lumens) per watt, and some even start to dim considerably after a month or two of use. The better quality brands work much better, but they aren’t cheap. You can probably buy at least 25 or 30 incandescent light bulbs for the same price. But never-the less, due to their long life span and their efficiency, the CFL bulbs do save you some money on the long run.